Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chelsea's 8th grade Promotion

Chelsea promoted from 8th grade. Now she is a FRESHMAN! Way to go Chelsea. We are so proud of her, Chelsea is a beautiful young lady. She is a great helper around the house, loves to do things her sisters and family, and is a happy, smiling girl. Watch out high she comes!
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Memorial Weekend 2009

There is lots that I want to say about Memorial Weekend 2009, but for now I will just say that I will never forget the feelings I had in 2008 as my life changed forever. But not only did my life change but the lives of friends, family, my girls, and probably most of all, my husbands. I am glad my family was here in Heber for Memorial weekend, and I can't express enough how much I am grateful for them and all that they do for me.

Words can never explain the heartache I have felt, as we have lived for 1 year without a sweet little girl. Carissa touched our lives, and we will always remember her. She is an Angel, and I miss her. I love her, and can't wait for the day when I will see her again.

Life is NOT fair...Fair is where you go to see the pigs and ride the ferris wheel. Time does heal, and each day the pain lessens some. But through it all...there is a shinning ray...I know that I will see Carissa again! My Savior lives, and LOVES me. My family is eternal, and will can be together forever!

Happy Birthday to ME!

This year my birthday, and mothers day came with a little more emotion attached than in years past. I was remembering last year at this time, how my family was all on vacation and that we were all together. This year I am thinking of a little girl who doesn't get to share in our special days anymore. But I can say that this birthday was GREAT! Thanks to my husband and my girls who let me have a day to myself. Thanks to my sister, Tiffani and Nikki and my cousin Leah(who drove all the way from the valley) to suprise me with a day of "whatever I wanted to do". WOW! So we headed to Showlow and got a great pedicure, then went to trappers for dinner. After that we went back to my sister RaChelle's house to have ice cream cake with all the family. It was a great day, and I am so greatful for family to spend time with me, and to help me through all my trials. THANK YOU!
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Planting a Garden

The prophet said to plant a garden. I don't know if he said make sure your family helps! It is more work to get your kids to plant, water, NOT step on the plants/seeds, than sometimes it is worth it! I am so glad that Hal doesn't mind getting things ready, and working hard for us to have a garden. A garden is A LOT of WORK, but I do love to eat the fresh vegetables that the garden brings. Hal heard about new method for planting and keeping weeds out, so we will see if it works. I think this year we over planted, and I hope that I can harvest the fruits of our labors. The girls did love being out there, and getting in the water.(but not filling the walls of water). Cashlyn got the dirtiest, and she was so cute to always "help". We haven't been out there to weed it yet, and the rain has sure helped with the watering. I sure hope we get a good garden this year. I think the most important thing is to teach our children how to plant and harvest a garden. And, to learn how to ourselves so when the time comes that we only have to rely on what we can produce we will know how. PLANTING A GARDEN IS FUN TO DO, FUN TO DO! (we will see)

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Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!

Chelsea and Courtney (and the rest of us) just love it when cousins come to town. It just happend that this weekend it was the Garner Girls! We love to have the Garner Girls stay at our house. They put on some music and they were all dancing around my living room have a great time. The girls all look so pretty dressed up, getting ready to go to a baptism in Young. Cambree, Hailee, Alyssa & Courtney paused for a picture, but only if they could do bunny ears to Chelsea. lol

I know this is a blurry picture...bummer! This is taken in the Young Church house after Hannah's baptism. Hannah is the daughter of Jared and Amy Whitmer. Hal and I became friends with them several years ago, after Eric Garner introduced us. We have enjoyed getting to their bad Young is SOOOOOO far away! In the picture is Cambree and Chelsea back row. Then L to R: Emily, Alyssa, Hannah, Hailee, and Courtney. What a CUTE bunch of girls.
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3 little Monkeys!

3 little monkeys sitting in a tree! Chelsea and Courtney were out in the woods one day with Hal and they found this great tree. They dubbed it the monkey tree. Next time we were driving in the woods, the girls said "lets go to the monkey tree.". I was like, what is the monkey tree, and they said they would show me. The girls all had to climb in the tree, and of course get their picture taken. I do have to say...It is a COOL tree!
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Pinewood Derby for Men!

I guess if the men belly ache enough, they get what they want. They wanted a pinewood derby....relieve their youth!(not me) Heber 2nd & 3rd wards got together and some of the men
raced their cars down the track. Hal had a great time. He wished he could have worked on his car more, but due to his work schedule it didn't work out. Hal's car didn't perform that well, but he was a good sport about it, and had a good time anyway.
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Easter was blah around our house this year. We
didn't dye eggs, we didn't hide eggs at Grandma's
house, but we did go to the park for the Lion's Club
Annual Egg hunt.

Cashlyn didn't know what to do at first so Hal helped
her put the first egg in her bag. She got the hang
of it, and tried to pick up as many as she could

My 3 pretty girls on our way to Church!

Courtney also had a great time at the park. She loves to
get the "tattoos" and had one stuck on her forhead before
I could get a picture.

We had so many eggs this year, we had lots of
deviled eggs. The Easter Bunny did find us, and
the girls were super excited. Chelsea wasn't around
for the day. She went with the youth to the
Easter Pagent in Mesa. They left Friday afternoon
and came home Sat. around noon.

Easter is a great holiday. I love to remember the true
meaning of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
I love this time of year when we can celebrate new life,
HOPE, and know that because of our Savior we WILL live
again someday, and we WILL see those we love again!
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