Friday, December 11, 2009


I LOVE Halloween...It is fun to decorate for it, I love getting the girls costumes...I just love it! So this year is no suprise...the girls look GREAT in their attire!

Chelsea got to dress up 2 times for Halloween. Once for the tri-ward Halloween dance for mutual. And then again on Halloween. For the dance she chose to be a WILD CAVE the dance they always give away prizes...Chelsea has won that prize for the last 3 years, and this year was no exception! GO CHELSEA! Then on Halloween she was a Baseball player.

Courtney decided a long time before Halloween that she wanted to be a CAVE WOMAN! She wasn't too sure about how things would look. While we were at Walmart, I thought about using dog bones for accessories. So we put them in our cart, and while we were cutting material the lady asked if we were getting things for Halloween. And the girls said yes, we were. She aked each of them what they were going to be, and Courtney said a CAVE WOMAN, and we are using these dog bones...LOL The lady then told the girls they were lucky they had a creative mom.(well I try to be, and it was a nice compliment)

Cashlyn was a CUTE unicorn! She wasn't too shy this year about going around and getting candy. I love that our ward holds a trunk or treat in the church parking lot! Makes it easy and fun for MOM's and all the kids!