Monday, October 26, 2009


Chelsea played on the Freshman volleyball team this year. Chelsea did a great job, and you could tell by the end of the season she had improved a lot.

Chelsea was a "passer". She got some great passes, and learned to serve open handed. Chelsea could serve pretty good, she just had to make sure she didn't step on the line.

Chelsea was always happy and encouraging on the court. She is an outstanding player and a great asset to her team.


Saying Goodbye

We enjoy having the missionaries over...although we don't have them over as often as we should. Elder Harris was a missionary from Hawaii that we all grew to love. Elder Harris and his companion would give lots of service, getting wood and helping people move, whatever they needed to do. Elder Harris was lots of fun, and we enjoyed him in our home. We had 2 "farewell" parties for him. One after conference with the Whitmer's from Young, and the other was the day before he was transfered. We had Brandon, Chelsea, Bethanie, Chalyce over and Hal cooked lunch for everyone. It was great! We miss Elder Harris, but we know he is doing great in Mesa.

BaCk tO ScHoOL

Chelsea's 1st day as a FRESHMAN! Yes, it's true her Momma is getting old. I can't believe that Chelsea is old enough to go to High School! She was excited to be there, and Chelsea LOVES high school better than JR. High (imagine that)!

Courtney's 1st day of 3rd GRADE! She is growing up so fast, and is becoming a sweet, cute little lady. Courtney was excited to go to school and have Ms. Duncan as her teacher.

I always dread when school starts. I do NOT look forward to early mornings with lots hustle and bustle. But I love for the girls to go to school, have friends, participate in activities, and get an education. I love to watch them develop and grow, and I love to attend whatever they are doing! HOPE THIS YEAR IS A GOOD ONE!