Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Born to be an ANGEL!

Today is Carissa's 4th Birthday!
We love her and miss her so much. Carissa was born earlier in the morning on July 8th, after having an emergency C-section. She was such a chunky baby for us, and had beautiful, big brown eyes. Carissa was a good baby, and never cried. She was given the nick name of "baby doll" right from the start. We should have figured that after waiting 5 extra days, and a difficult birth that Carissa wouldn't be ours for very long. I think she wanted a little more time in Heaven.

Carissa was a very smart little girl. She learned lots about our family, like our favorite colors(she always said Hal's was camouflage), and that 3 of us had brown eyes, and 3 had blue eyes. Carissa also learned the 1st & 2nd Articles of Faith.

Carissa will be remembered for her big pretty eyes, cute little smile, and for bringing lots of sunshine to our lives. She is our little princess, and a beautiful ANGEL!

Carissa will live on forever in our lives, and hearts. We love you!
July 8th, 2005-May 26th 2008
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