Friday, April 18, 2008

Shots & Casts

The Halls had an eventful week. My girls love to be in the spotlight...but this time I am NOT talking about photo shots, or Acting casts. It all started when Chelsea got home from track and said she couldn't walk. Her ankle was swollen, she said it was sprained. So on Friday(last week) we took her to the doctor, and got x-rays. Whoa and behold Monday morning the doc called and guess what the acting was real...she broke her ankle. Well, being the smart Mom that I am...and to save gas, I decided to take the two little girls to get shots, and Chelsea to get a cast at the same time. Yep, I am bright. One in a cast, and two with leg pain. I think I need a CAT SCAN! (lol)Chelsea is hopping along good and wants the cast off, to run and jump, but it will be another 2 weeks. Carissa and Cashlyn were FUSSY for 2 days, with fevers and kind of sick...but now they are on the mend. The 2 girls need to go back in 2 months for more shots. This time I hope NOT to bring a third child along.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hair & Nails

Chelsea & Courtney LOVE to have their hair and nails done. So thanks to Aunt Nikki, Chelsea got acrylic nails on Saturday during Conference. Courtney is in the Girl Scout Club and today they went to Showlow to the college. She came back with an "updo" and a manicure. Now my girls are STYLIN!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little Girls, Little Girls

We love our little girls...well some of them are NOT so little anymore. I (Elisa) hope to post lots about our Girls...they are CUTE, FUNNY, ADORABLE, SMART, and everything else a parent brags about. Hope you enjoy our posts, most of them will be about the little JOYS of our lives.