Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Best Family

I have been thinking alot about the events of the past few weeks. I am trying to write things down, and want to remember everyone who has done so much for us. I know I haven't sent out all my thankyou notes, but I wanted to PAY A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO MY FAMILY. We have a great family. We(Hal & I and girls) could not have survived these last few weeks without them. So THANK YOU family. My parents were always by our side, with whatever we needed. I loved that my parents opened their home to so many, and that all feel welcomed there. I am grateful for a dad, who honors his priesthood, and was able to give me a blessing when I needed it most. Hal's parents were also there, and many who know Wendy and Hal came to support us, through them. My sisters and brother did so much for us, they helped us through a difficult time. They helped us in anyway we needed, but more importantly they were there when we needed them the most. From the clothing and such, pictures, trinkets, frames, even money, our families were there from the beginning. Valerie and Haskel, and his parents, came home early from their camping trip to help out. They always asked what they could do to help, and wanted to do more. Words can not express our gratitude, love and support we have felt from our families. FAMILY is the thing that matters most. We want our extended family to know, we love and appreciate them . We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful, loving family. We appreciate every single one of YOU! We are very humbled by ALL who came to the funeral. There were lots of family that traveled far, and came to be with us. We could not have asked for any more; we know we are loved, and that our family cares about us. We love you all! THANKYOU.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Memmories of Carissa

Carissa was the best baby, and hardly ever cried. She had lots of dark hair, sweet little lips, and the biggest brown eyes that would melt your heart. For the 1st year and a half of her life, she only wanted her mom. And now we are happy to say she is Daddy’s little girl.

Carissa loved the outdoors, and loved to be with her dad in the woods. Carissa had her own fishing pole, and liked to go fishing with whoever would take her. She knew the sounds of elk and tried to copy them. Carissa could identify the difference of an elk or deer. Whenever in the woods Carissa would say, “I see the elk”, even if there weren’t any animals around.

Carissa loved to watch barney, and recently she loved Dora the explorer and Go Diego, go. After the girls went to school, that’s what we watched all morning. But the best part is: Carissa had to have popcorn. So every morning we would have popcorn, and watch her shows. Even if her sisters were watching their shows, Carissa would climb up, and put her Barney tape in the VCR.

Carissa loved to be a shadow to her big sisters, Chelsea and Courtney. She was also excited to be a big sister, when little Cashlyn was born.

Carissa would sleep with Chelsea, sing and dance with Courtney, and loved to put Cashlyn in the doll stroller and push her around. Carissa was up when the girls were getting ready for school, so she could feed the pig, and tell them goodbye. I think she just wanted to make sure Mom or Dad wasn’t leaving and she would miss the opportunity to go. Carissa loved to talk on the phone, and would call anyone who would listen.

Blue was Carissa’s favorite color, and she told everyone. She also came up with colors for everyone in the family. My favorite was when we asked her what is dad’s favorite color, she would say camouflage. Carissa knew she had big brown eyes, but also knew the color of everyone’s eyes in our family. She knew that 3 of us have brown, and 3 of us have blue.

Carissa loved her nursery class, and to sing primary songs. Her favorite was “Book of Mormon” stories. She memorized the 1st and 2nd articles of faith, and would proudly say them to all who would listen. She would say “le belief, and in HIM son” and at the end of the 2nd A of F it was “not for Adam’s concussions.

Carissa was a sweet little girl. We will always remember her, and she will be truly missed.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Remembering Carissa

Tragedy or Destiny?

Here are some of my thoughts:

The Lord has blessed our lives, through this trial. We know that it was her time to go. The events that happened are evidence of this. My entire family (about 25 of us, including 10-15 grandkids) were all at my mom's house. We had a great day, the kids playing outside, and us visiting. It was Monday the 26th, and my sisters were just getting ready to go back to Mesa after a great Memmorial weekend. My husband, Hal, needed to move his truck so my sister could get her car out. No kids or other adults(except my sister in her car) were outside at the time. Carissa(my little girl) ran out, by herself, around 4 vehicles, and behind my husbands truck. My sister in her car was the only one who saw what happend, and couldn't get her car in park fast enough. My sister picked Carissa up off the ground, and handed her to my husband. Hal and an EMS neighbor worked on her, then the ambulance and crews arrived. They all worked her about 1 hour,(There was no hope from the beginning) but nevertheless they tried.

The week was long. But thru prayer, and blessings my family pulled through. I had lots of friends who gave lots (scrapbooking her pictures, making her guest memmorial book, and nice video), we were truly blessed.

This a great trial, no one should have to bear. But I know that some children are TOO PURE, INNOCENT, and SWEET to have to endure this life. The miracle of it all is...I will see her again, and FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER.

My house is empty without a two year old. My heart breaks, and the days are long. The Lord strengthens me and through friends like you, and lots in my town, I have the will to go on. Truly words of comfort, and unspoken thoughts have blessed our lives. I

You can go to www.owensmortuary. com to see her obituary and picutre.