Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to make a CUPCAKE!

1st get a Cupcake Maker for Christmas!

and take everything out of the box

Choose your favorite kind of cake
and pour into bowl

Add right(important) ammount of water

Stir with all your strength...don't smile!

Pour mix into CUPCAKE holder (with
the disposable paper)

Set CUPCAKE into microwaveable dish!

Microwave for the 45 seconds...or less if you
want the CUPCAKE in one piece

See what is left of the CUPCAKE

Get ready to frost CUPCAKE

Scoop frosting into little hole on the "froster",
this goes on the CUPCAKE machine

Hold top down, and watch frosting
squirt EVERYWHERE!!!

Enjoy what there is of the frosting

End resutls:

CUPCAKE machine that
doesnt' work(they never do, and don't
tell that to the kids)

Quality "few minutes" with your child

Priceless memories, with a satisfied, happy
child who did almost everything on their own!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Years Party

This year we had a fun New Years Party at my Mom and Dad's house. All of my family came(except we missed Char and her gang). We had lots of fun playing games, visiting and starting a new tradition. We had homemade pizza (great recipe) and homemade rootbeer. We also had several "specialty drinks"(no alcohol needed,we are goofy enough.) There were Appletini's, Margaritas, and Pina Coladas. One of the high lights was a bowling tournament on the Wii! The championship round ended up being RaChelle, Nikki, Dylan and Caden(1st time to bowl). We all had a great time being with each other. Most of all of the adults stayed up way past midnight..and so did a few of the kids. We all looked forward to a great New Year!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas with the Halls

Christmas this year came fast...I wasn't exacty
ready for it. But we all had a good time, and
Santa found us. Cashlyn loved all the toys she got!
Courtney was excited for a cupcake bakers.
Chelsea enjoyed the new makeup & ripstick.
All my girls loved the new pajamas from
Gma & Gpa Baum. I know we were blessed
this Christmas, we all had a good time!
The only thing I wish, was that we would
have spent a little more time doing something
for and remembering Carissa more!

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3 Red Dresses

Cashlyn did NOT want her picture taken this year. She did NOT want to stan, she did Not want smile, she just didn't know why it was a big deal to get her picture taken. I can't believe I have a little girl who doesn't want to pose for the camera. So we got a few pictures here and there, and I will just take what I get. We love our PRECIOUS little girl!
Courtney is such a pretty girl, she is growing up so fast. We love her smile, and how she loves to laugh. She loved having her picture taken in front of our Christmas tree. We made her take pictures 2 times, just so we could get a really good one! What a cute girl she is becoming.
Chelsea, our teenager! She loves to take pictures, and why not? Chelsea is such a beautiful young lady, with that dark hair and blue eyes. Chelsea loves to match the girls, but wear her own style...and that is great! We love how she helps around the house and with the girls. We love you Chelsea!
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