Saturday, May 17, 2008

Disney World

After many late nights and lots of partying, we decided we couldn't be in Florida and NOT go to Walt Disney World. So Monday morning, dragging ourselves out of bed, we ventured to the theme park. Just getting to the park is a "ride" in itself. After parking, you get on a train to a boat dock, then bored the boat to Disney's entrance. This process (which we would have to repeat at the end) took about 1 hour. At first we were slow going, but by midday, we were having lots of fun. Disney World isn't as big as Disneyland, and by 5:00pm, including a stop for lunch we had seen the whole park. Carissa, Cashlyn, and Elisa waited for the others on most of the rides. Chelsea and Courtney loved the rollercoasters. Wendy and Hal had a great time taking those that could ride, and then switching off if Elisa would ride. Courtney loved Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Chelsea loved Splash Mountain. Big hint: Don't take your own stroller(too bulky, and extra work), rent one of theirs. The double stroller was 30 bucks for the day, Chelsea (yep, Chelsea), Courtney and the 2 little girls all used it. It was WELL worth the money. I am ready to go back. (Maybe not to Disney World, but to Disneyland)

Swimming with the Dolphins

The day we went to Nassau, in the Bahamas, we spent the day at the hotel Atlantis. This in itself is a vacation of its own. The hotel is huge, has several swimming pools with slides and the works. It also has a dolphin habitat, where you can swim with the dolphins. Wendy, Chelsea, Courtney, and Hal Jr. got to swim with them. They all loved it. Chelsea and Courtney were a little scared and needed Hal to help them, but over all, it was GREAT! A once in a lifetime experience.

Disney Cruise

We decided to start the summer early and went with Hal's parents on a Disney Cruise. Chelsea and Courtney got to miss school, and we all went to the sunshine state for some fun. Hal, Wendy, Chelsea, and Courtney flew out early Wednesday morning to go to the beach and play around. Hal, Elisa, Carissa and Cashlyn were the NOT so smart ones, and took a red-eye later that night. After meeting up, we got on the cruise ship Thursday about 1:00pm. Our fun was just beginning. The girls loved being on the boat, and seeing everything Disney. Each night we felt like we were in a 5 star resturant. The ship feeds you SO good. Mickey and Minnie were always available for pictures, and we took lots. Our 1st stop was Nassau, in the Bahamas. The beach was so fun, the water crystal clear. It was paradise. At this stop, we went to the hotel Atlantis, and played around. (See next post) Back to the ship after a long day. The second day, we went to disney's private island...Castaway Cay. This was fun. Hal Jr., Wendy, and Chelsea went snorkeling. The rest of us layed on the beach, and played in the water. It was back on the boat for our last night. Disney had lots of shows (all about disney's characters), a pirate night, teen club(which Chelsea loved and spent most of her time), a club for Courtney (went there every once in a while, she was nervous to be by herself), movies, LOTS of food, swimming pools. It was GREAT fun. I would love to go on another Disney cruise when my kids are older.

The Turkey got away

Everyone knows one of Hal's favorite things (or should I say his MOST favorite) is Hunting. Hal drew a spring turkey tag, and he was so excited. Hal arranged his work schedule so he could go out opening morning. At 5:00am, he came home and went out to the woods with a buddy. About 7:00am Hal calls, I am thinking, Oh great! he got the turkey...the hunting is over. Not so lucky. Instead, Hal said he got a hole in his hand, and needed stitches. What? This is how the story goes..."we were riding in the truck, and my buddy looks over, there is a huge Tom(male turkey). So after fumbling with door to get it unlocked (1st clue), I get out. The riffle was locked, and I couldn't get the gun to cock (2nd clue). I started running after the turkey, and I fell on a rock (3rd clue), and then the blood started coming. I managed to shot at the turkey, but only hit some feathers. The turkey got away. (good job turkey, I mean poor Hal). I look up in the trees, and there is the hunter, who was calling in the turkey. (not his day). I started running back to the truck.(couldn't run fast enough)." Moral of the story...stay in bed! Well needless to say, after several days of hunting, between work and vacation Hal did NOT get a turkey. Oh well, there is always next year. Right?