Thursday, October 30, 2008

Annual Pumpkin Carving

We have made it a tradition to carve pumpkins with as
many Baum cousins that want to come. This has been a fun
night and something to look forward to. The girls love
picking out their design and attempting to carve it into
the pumpkin...the Mom's and Dad's are the ones who usually
finish them. The best part, is when everyone is done, we turn
out the lights and watch all the pumpkins glow. The carvings
look amazing. What a great tradition, who ever started it!
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Tis the Season!

It is the most wonderful time of the year-
At least for Hal. It's the season for hunting.
Chelsea went out with her dad and got a deer, for
the second year in a row. She was so excited, and he
was proud of her perfect shot, right threw the heart.
Hal loves to be out in the woods: hunting, bugleing,
calling, putting out cameras, scouting and of course
shooting his own deer. (he drew a tag this year,
he is still waiting on an elk tag). Oh well, it is the most
wonderful time of the year....for someone.
I should be grateful that my husband isn't around to
bug me as much, but I am not that trilled. A day
here and there...but NOT the whole season, which
in our family lasts from January-December!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Cashlyn!

CASHLYN'S Birthday was September 20th.
We had a great time celebrating her special day
twice. 1st at Gma Wendy's and then at Gma Baum's.
Thanks for all the great gifts...she uses them regularly.

Cashlyn is our sweet baby, who brings lots of work and
joy to our family. She still loves to look at Carissa's pictures.
I think of how cute, and fun they would have had
as they grew up. I know Cashlyn misses her sister.

We love her, and are excited to watch her grow up.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008


My blog is almost current, but before I forget I wanted to post about the Saturday Conference Session.
I enjoyed and loved listening to conference. It seems that when we truly listen, the speakers and the spirit testify and tell us specific things we need to hear. I loved listening to Sister Allred and her conversion story. What a sweet testimony about missionary work, and how not only is she a member of the church, but lots more because 2 missionaries taught her family. But the thing that stuck out in my mind, what I wanted to post and remember is...
FAITH is NOT only a Feeling, IT is a DECISION! What a powerful phrase. Lots that we do in the church and in our daily lives, are Decisions...not just feelings. It is a testimony to me, that unless we act, we are not making decisions(right or wrong)...we are simply feeling. And I know this conference has taught, that we are to act. What Elder Holland said about Angels watching over us, and helping us...that just hits too close to home, and I am glad that even though I think that Angels are near, I now have a confirmation from a prophet of the Lord, Angels are Near. How inspiring and touching. I also loved when Pres. Uchtdorf said...hope, faith and charity cannot exist without the other. What a wonderful blessing and opportunity to watch and listen to living prophets today.

This Little Piggy went to the Market

Chelsea had a pig for 4H. It weighed three times as much as her,
but she still had to feed & water it everyday. Then in September
Chelsea got to take her pig to the fair, where she would show
the pig infront of a judge. Chelsea did well, she got 2nd place
in her weight class.(255 pounds) She also sold her pig(THANKS
to the HOME Center for buying it). Chelsea wants to raise
another pig next year...the parents say, we will see!
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A Labor of Love

Labor Day Weekend was full of FUN Family
Time. After spending the day shucking, blanching,
scraping and bagging corn we figured it to be cheaper
to buy the corn from the store. But what we learned
was harvesting what "we" grew, and spending
quality time with the family is what is important.
We also had a FUN cookout at the park, where we
played kick ball, and catching frisbees...a cheap, fun,
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School Days

Chelsea going to Jr. High...8th Grade! (wow, she is growing up fast)

This Year scCh00l came A liTtlE too soOn for me. I rEally enjOyed my SumMer...beIng Lazy, slEepiNg in, sWimMing, goinG to the ValLey aNd jusT spenDing Time with my Girls!
I do hoWever, liKe beIng Back on a r0utine, Having the girls in Bed before nine, SeeiNg the
Girl in theIr vaRiouS scHool acTivitEs & waTchiNg thEir fun, Beautiful peRsonaLities DeveLop. So heRe are The girLs' 1st dAy of School.(the post is a little late, but someday I will catch up)Courtney going to 2nd grade...she loves her teacher!