Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Swimming In January

While visiting with Aunt Becca, Gma Wendy let us all stay
at the condos in Scottsdale. The condos had a heated
swimming pool, so they(notice not me or Hal) went for
a dive. Chelsea and Courtney had lots of fun. Cashlyn
loved the hot tub, but didn't venture into the pool!
We had a great relaxing time, and my girls loved doing
something with Aunt Becca and Gma Wendy!
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Thursday, February 5, 2009


One weekend we went to the valley to visit Aunt Rebecca,
Wendy's sister who came from Philadelphia. We all went
to eat at a fun resturant...Ah-So's. They cook food in front
of you, and make it entertaining. The kids loved all the magic
from the grill. Chelsea tried Sushi-I don't think she is liking it
to well. Courtney was enchanted by tricks, and Cashlyn
enjoyed trying to feed herself. It was a fun resturant. The
food was pretty good too. All in all, it was great. Posted by Picasa