Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spirit Week

For Homecoming Week all the schools got together and had Spirit Days to show their TRUE MUSTANG colors. Each day the girls dress up as something different! It was lots of fun, and I love it that my GIRLS get all into it!

Here are pictures of them on different days, which were: CrAzY hAiR day, Career Day, Cowboy day, Pajama day, Sports day, Twin day, and the last day was MUSTANG colors day! It was fun to help my sister Tiffani with her kids as well. They had fun dressing up;even Devon(big shcoker, was a hawaiian girl, and dressed as a HiPpiE) participated in the action. The boys' favorite day was cowboy day. Grandma Baum showed her spirit(even to the TRUE BLUE) by wearing a BYU jersey on Sports day. Chelsea also got to participate in an activity every night at the high school (which is a little much), but I guess the kids have FUN!



Hal loves to hunt! I am glad he has a hobby that he is so passionate about! I just would have never dreamed when I married him, how much hunting really goes on! (so thus the statement up above) The best thing that I can say about HUNTING is that my girls have learned to shoot a gun, and the safety when using one. They put in for Elk and Deer, and it is a great time to spend with their dad! I have come to love the outdoors more, and appreciate the "sport" that it is. I love to be out in the woods with Hal and the girls and see the wildlife. So here's to another hunting season....the next one start soons!

CaShLyN's BiRtHdAy

Cashlyn celebrated her 2nd Birthday on September 20th.
She loves chocolate, and helped make her own birthday cake.
I think she loved the beaters more than the cake.

Cashlyn with her cake!

Cashlyn did a good job blowing out her candles. She would blow so fast, we had to light the candle several times just to get a picture. Cashlyn thought it was funny, and the other girls tried to tell her not to blow, but she didn't listen.

Cahslyn with her sisters, and gifts. Courtney(who always gets her own toys to share with others) gave her a play microphone, and some dolls. Cashlyn also got lots of cute clothes from grandparents. We love the new wardrobe!
We love Cashlyn, she is such a cutie!