Sunday, April 25, 2010

Carpenter Christmas Party

Our Carpenter Christmas Party was so FUN this year! Uncle Chuck and Aunt Sharla did a TERRIFIC job of entertaining everyone! We held the party at a park on the 3rd Saturday in December...everyone brought soup and a dessert to share! Aunt Sharla provided the entertainment.

Three legged racing!

Courtney being brave and trying out the tube!

Rolling down the hill in a tube! The tube was GREAT! Everyone that tried it(not me!) had a FUN time...when the "big" boys got in the tube rolled for a long ways! Meghan was our tropper..she would run down the hill(never got in the tube) and make sure everyone was OK..then she would run back up the hill to report! It was Cute!

Sacks races were great! Some didn't quite fit in the sacks...but it didn't stop us from racing!

What a FUN and MEMORABLE party we had...can't wait til next year!

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