Saturday, January 2, 2010


This year we spent Thanksgiving in the Valley with my Mom's side of the family. I am so grateful we have lots of Uncles, Aunts and cousins who still like to get together and make memories. We get to have Thanksgiving dinner outside where the weather is nice, and the kids can run on the farm. Volleyball is always played, and no Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without Grandma's raspberry jello. I didn't do very well in the picture department this year, but here are some of the family.

I have many things to be Thankful are just a few:

T---Temples, I am SO grateful for the ordinances in the Temple
H---Hal, I am grateful for a my husband who is hardworking, handsome, and helpful!(how's that for H)
A---Ancestors, I am glad I did not have to be a pioneer, but I am grateful for my family who came to America, and then came to SLC because of the truth. I am proud of my heritage!
N---Nature, I am glad for the opportunity to live where all around is beauty. When I am in Nature, I always feel so free and peaceful
K---Kids, I love my kids and I am so happy that I get the opportunity to have 4 beautiful girls.
S---Sacrifice, How indebted I am for the sacrifice of many on my behalf. I am truly most grateful for the sacrifice of my Savior, Jesus Christ.
G---Gospel, I am eternally grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I---Inspiration, I know lives are touched through inspiration. I am grateful for leaders and those who inspire my life
V---Voices, I am grateful to those who use their voices to lift and touch the hearts of others. I love to hear music, and I know how powerful a single voice can be.
I---Imagination, I can dream and think up anything my little heart desires. I love it when my kids pretend...and are so light hearted...imagine if...
N---Nativity...I am so thankful for the birth of my Savior. I am glad I can think of the nativity and its meaning for my life. The Birth of Jesus Christ is the GREATEST blessing anyone could ask for.
G---Giving, I can't explain the joy i feel when I serve. Giving of myself is truly a blessing.


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your truly an inspiration.what a greta family you have


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Vera said...

That's really beautiful! We all have so much to be grateful for, we should always remember these things. God's bless!

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